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DT Glass Tile Mosaic Mixes Glass Tile Collection

Available in eight brilliant color combinations, these mosaic glass tile mixes will set the stage for creative drama in any living space. The tiles have an extraordinary adaptability to different applications & work well in both commercial & residential environments. The Mosaic Series Mixes have a distinctive brilliance which is a result of being composed of iridescent, gold & color-veined glass tiles. Their smooth front allows for extraordinary color, while their textured back makes for better adhesive grip.These tiles are 3/4" x 3/4" tiles with a smooth face & a textured back for better adhesion.Sold in 12" x 12" Paper faced sheets.These items are a paper-faced installation. Before installations make sure your substrate meets recommendations for your type of installation. Mix the setting materials per manufacturer's instructions. Apply setting materials to the substrate using the notched side of a 3/16" x 5/32" x 3/16" V- notched trowel & using the flat side of the trowel, smooth out all ridges to achieve a consistent, even 1/8" thick coverage. Be sure to apply glass mosaics to the freshly troweled material with the PAPER-SIDE OUT. Using a rubber float or equivalent tool, gently press the tile into the adhesive & flatten sheets to each other to insure complete contact. Do not push the sheets too deeply into the setting materials, as to cause the setting materials to ooze up between the spaces between the tiles. Adjust tile sheets for correct alignment & even spacing between sheets. Do not allow setting material to dry or skin over before completing this process. Allow setting materials sufficient time to set (see setting material manufacturers' instructions) prior to removing paper. Using a wet sponge, apply warm water to the paper to soften the glue, allowing the paper to release. Avoid using too much water. Gently peel back the paper. Clean all excess setting materials with a damp sponge. Clean all excess setting materials that may have remained on the tile surface. Wipe away any haze that may have remained behind. After 24 hours, mix grout, following grout manufacturer's instructions & grout openings between the tiles & sheets. Clean all excess grout immediately with a damp sponge & polish off any remaining haze with a dry cloth or towel.

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