Vidrepur Mosaic Glass - Recycled Glass Tiles Moon Collection

These environmentally friendly glass tiles are made of 100% recycled glass. Vidrepur glass tiles are only truly "green" tile available on the market. These glass tiles can be used on walls, backsplashes, countertops, floors and pools. Vidrepur buys old glass bottles, car windows and other previously used colorless glass. The raw reclaimed glass is cleaned and crushed into small pieces then pulverized into a fine powder by special machinery. Pigment is added either before or after the powder is pressed in molds at a pressure of 6000 tons. These molds are placed in ovens at extremely high temperatures then when cool the mesh is added. When looking at the Vidrepur tiles on the side you will notice that some tiles have the color on the sides and the backs of the tile, these are made when the pigment is added before pressing. These tiles have the color through and through so if they break or chip the color will still be correct and not white. The glass tiles with white sides and backs have pigment added after pressing so the color is only on the face of the tile.

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  • 1" x 2" Recycled Glass Tile on 12 3/8" x 12 3/8" Mesh Backed Sheet in Blue Planet Vidrepur - Moon - 1" x 2" Recycled Glass Tile on 12 3/8" x 12 3/8" Mesh Backed Sheet in Blue Planet

    I ordered a sample of this, which I highly recommend to understand the color of it. It is definitely more blue in person than on my laptop screen. I understand why they named it Blue Planet. Yet there are some aqua tones especially in sunlight. When I first unwrapped it, it was okay, but the minute I got it wet it came to life I would definitely recommend installing this is an area with water exposure to get the full effect. Although it is highly iridescent, it does not have that typical sheen of other iridescent products (aka not yellow, green, pink from the side). Considering I am thinking of using it near a pool the effect is of rippling water that changes from every angle. It is absolutely gorgeous.